Cool! i have some saskatoon berry syrup and jambut i've never actually made anything with the berries themselves. not sure if i would be able to find them here. i had never heard of saskatoon berries before. then last week a blogger sent me a recipe for saskatoon berry pie for shf, and now you're posting on the very

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Gramma bep's saskatoon berry cream cheese tarts serve with butter and gramma bep's chokecherry or saskatoon berry pancake syrup. bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. top with gramma bep's saskatoon berry dessert sauce.

When i have too many i usually make a saskatoon-flavoured vinegar and/or preserves. saskatoon syrup is fabulous as well. i make mine fairly tart as i prefer my syrups to be less sickly sweet. how good is that? a native berry sauce out of season? the original perfect margarita recipe

Adapted from a cheesecake topping recipe from a saskatoon berry grower. i suppose blueberries would work, but cut the sugar or mix cranberries in as well. experiment with the spices. chocolate syrup

Recipe makes 1 batch) saskatoon berries old fashioned sweet violet syrup

This uniform, worn by the ringbearer, may look familiar: i adapted this recipe by adding saskatoon berries and syrup. apple and saskatoon berry stuffed pork loin roast; 2 cloves garlic, minced; 1 teaspoon coarse salt;

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